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Extreme Vs Terrorism Extremism is only a belief or view that is sen as far-fetched by the public and deviates from the law of the lan...

Linkages Between Development and Spread of Extremism

Extreme Vs Terrorism

Extremism is only a belief or view that is sen as far-fetched by the public and deviates from the law of the land.

Extremism in its different forms could be seen propagating radical views and can even go to the extent of carrying out violent acts of terror.

Terrorist is the use of violence/intimidation of the pursuit of mainly political aims.

1. Thought Belief/ Radical view
2. Propagate his interpretation of religion and political views
3. Enforcement of radical thoughts and views
3. use of violence in order to pursuit mainly political and religious aims.

Terrorism is the last stage of extremism.

Extremism in India

1. Left-wing extremism(LWE) -- central, eastern and southern part of India.
2. North-East insurgent
3. Terrorism -- Punjab, j&j and across India

Hostile counties such as Pakistan sponsor terrorism India.

Development and extremism in India.

The concept of democracy in India is indeed unique, with its vast pluralism based on a population of myriad communities and tribes.

Following independence in 1947, the Indian public life was lit up by the promise of democracy and the opportunities available to its citizens following British colonial rule.

These commitments made diff communities come together to form a union India.

Article14 - Right to equality
Article 15 -
Article 16 -
Article 17 - Abolish untouchability

Articles in DPSP

But few communities deprived of these commitments which caused social indifference.
Failure in administration and governance.

Constitutional issues on federalism, political representation, and economic development.

Limitations of trickle-down theory

Role of state in ensuring growth with distributive justice and equity.

Big hydropower projects, dams and irrigation projects infrastructures projects, SEZs and displacement

Acquisition of land for commercial and other than farm use and issues related to compensation and rehabilitation.

Use of forest and mineral resources, right to ownership, livelihood, and issues related to sustainable development.

Dongria con tribe in Orissa, Niyamgiri hill, vedanta group.

tribes fought against the license to mine bauxite in Niyamgiri hills against the Vedanta group.
SC's decision came in favor of tribes.

Chhotanagpur and dandakarnya region are blessed with minerals and forest in India.

The roots of Naxalism go back to the 1967 uprising of peasants in Naxalbari, West Bengal's feudal society.

The Naxalite movement engages in guerrilla warfare against the Indian security forces, as propounded by Mao Zedong.

MCC- Maoist communist center (Bihar and WB)
CPI (People war group) -


1. Land Related Factors.

2. Displacement and Forced evictions



Gov Infra
Security forces
state police
crpf - designated as an anti-Naxal force.

conduct of election

Do not target local people as it is based on mass mobilization movement so they are very careful that local civilians are not targeted.

Funding and Weapons

Kidnapping and ransom
Local contribution those who are sympathetic to Naxal movement

China and Pakistan also extending support through their intelligence by proving weapons.

The spread of LWE (1975 - 1980)

MCC - Bihar, WB, UP
PWG - Telangana, AP, later: MP, Maharasgtra, Kerala, TN

2004 - MCC + PWG ( Communist Party of India, Maoist)

CPI(Maoist) is designated as terrorist organization in India under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

Samadhan Doctrine to eliminate LWE:

S - Smart Leadership
A - Aggressive strategy
M - Motivation and training
A - Actionable Intelligence
D - Dashboard based KPIs
H - Harness Technology
A - Action plan for each theatre
N - No access to financing

salwa judum , unconstitutional by SC and illegal.

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